We Safeguard The Environment

Our waste management services are helping industries and communities to manage their waste & safeguarding the Environment.

Purpose & Values

At Fifarina, we offer our customers an unrivalled capacity to collect & safely dispose of any type of waste.

As Malaysia’s leading provider of waste management, we’re proud to be doing some extraordinary things. While waste may seem like an ordinary part of everyday life, it has extraordinary potential. We look at all waste as a resource and we use our facilities and processes to transform it into valuable commodities for every sector, industry and community. By recovering these extraordinary raw resources and “closing the loop”, we’re proud to be making a sustainable future possible.




Company History

We are proud to serve our clients since 1991 and counting while making our community cleaner and greener.


Bright Green Beginnings

Fifarina started it's business in 1991. Since then we are serving our community to make it more cleaner and better to live. We are proud to serve for 21 years and counting to our clients and always try to provide best services we can.
2020 and counting

Waste Management Today

Since 1991 we are doing waste collection from different industries and residents. We comply with all the governments rules and regulations provided by SWCORP and advise our customers also to do the same.

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